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Disposable Anonymous Email and Testing

Email without signing up

About Mailsac

Mailsac is an email inbox service. Nearly all mail is accepted. Messages are deleted at regular intervals and thresholds.

How do I use Mailsac?

Make up any email address @mailsac.com and you can instantly receive mail. No need to sign up!

Everything is public, unless you create an account.

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Host your own email for free with Mailsac

Point your DNS MX records to mailsac.com.

PriorityHostPoints to

Free email for your custom domain

APIs and Email Testing

Mailsac was built from the ground up with a rich REST API, pop3 access, and can even send you mail over web sockets.

Many large enterprises use Mailsac for automated testing. It scales and scales, can be used for load testing, and paid plans are not capped or metered like many competitors.

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 Mailsac core is open source on Github