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Setup your domain for free email hosting


Massive Scale

  • Tens of thousands of domains
  • Hundreds of thousands of email addresses
  • Over 300 million emails received since 2012
  • Used by Fortune 500 companies


Mailsac will host your domain's email for free.

Private addresses and forwarding

Pay for private addresses and use it just like normal email hosting, but at a fraction of the cost.

Email forwarding is included extremely cheap with Mailsac. Pricing →


DNS MX settings

Create two DNS entries that point email for your domain to Mailsac's load balanced servers.

PriorityHostPoints to


Disposable Mail

By default, messages are recycled at regular intervals.

It's great for testing purposes, or for a free email hosting solution.

Is it really free?

Mailsac disposable email is a completely free, receive-only, email service. It is supported by add-on purchases and API accounts.

Add-on Features

If you create an account, you will be able to get add features such as:

  • send messages and reply to messages
  • make an email address private
  • increase your inbox size over the default (7)
  • save messages so they are not deleted automatically

Alternate Addresses

All inboxes at Mailsac have an  alternate email address. Those alternate addresses work great with your custom domain, too.

You can either use the alternate address @mailsac.com, or switch it to your custom domain. As long as you keep the prefix the same, it will be delivered to the same inbox.

Testing Email

Hosting your custom domain at Mailsac is great for testing purposes.

We encourage developers to use Mailsac for testing, as long as you don't send a ton of mail. Please contact support@team.mailsac.com if you'd like to send huge amounts of mail (more than a few messages per minute).

API Documentation →

Commercial Use

Mailsac is free for personal use, but you must purchase a license to legally use it in a business.

View license subscriptions →