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Frequently asked questions

How do I reply to my Mailsac emails?

You must create an account to reply to emails.

Where are my email attachments?

Attachments are not saved.

Why would I use Mailsac?

Any time you need a temporary email address, just make one up@mailsac.com.

  • if you need an email address but do not want to receive spam in your personal inbox
  • use it for sign ups on web sites that force you to log in
  • give it out to strangers
  • use it to collaborate for projects
  • send mail to mailsac for testing purposes
  • use it when you (legally) want to receive email without disclosing your identity
  • it is perfect if you want an email address or multiple addresses and do not want to sign up for them
  • comment on blogs without creating an account!

How long is email saved?

Email messages are saved for somewhere between 1 week or more and three days, sometimes less. No guarantees!

If you are logged in and star a message, it will not be recycled until you unstar it.

Can other people see messages that I starred?

Nope. Only you can see them when you are logged in.

Can I use Mailsac for testing purposes?

Absolutely! We love to hear from developers that use Mailsac.

All we ask is that you don't send more that a few messages per minute. More than that might degrade the quality of the service for everyone else, and get you throttled. Contact us about reducing throttling.