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Catch-All Email Address Setup

If you have verified ownership of a domain, you can redirect all email - for any address - on the domain to a single "Catch-All" address.


In the steps below, replace yourdomain.com with your real domain. It can be a subdomain (mail.yourdomain.com).

  1. Create DNS MX records pointing email for yourdomain.com to the inbound Mailsac servers.
  2. Buy the "Domain Catch-All Forwarding" subscription
  3. Verify your domain. This may take a few minutes. In short, you must add a DNS TXT record.
  4. Once your domain is verified, go to the dashboard and select Redeem/setup private address.
  5. Reserve the address *@yourdomain.com - the prefix is an * asterisk character.
  6. If successful, you will now be able to setup a forwarding address, or just check mail at the * inbox.