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Use an alternate address that redirects messages to your inbox

One of the downsides of public disposable email is that when you give out the address, and people know it is disposable, they might know they can view your mail!

But there's a way around that. You can still keep your inbox private.

The "redirect" or "alternate" address

Underneath each email address, on the main inbox page, is a special redirect address.

The alternate email address begins with"inbox-" and has a long string of characters after it.

Any mail sent to the alternate/redirect address will be delivered to the actual address on the page.

Redirect emails work for custom domains as well. The alternate address will always display the domain as "@mailsac.com" - which will work - but you can also change the domain to your custom domain (or any domain that receives mail at Mailsac).

For example, if the alternate address for your email, dude@example.com is inbox-55443445kk4Knxns@mailsac.com, you can use that one, or replace the domain with your own. It would be inbox-55443445kk4Knxns@example.com.

Of course, Mailsac offers private inboxes, too. If you create an account, you'll be able to see the options for getting private mail. Then you can give out your actual email address without worrying whether people know it is public.