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Mailsac is a more flexible approach to email.

Email addresses are cheap and easily routable. You pay for extras like storage or sending.

The Fine Print
Major credit cards are accepted. Payments are processed by Stripe and we never see your credit card details. By purchasing, you agree to all terms, acceptable use, and privacy statements. All prices USD, converted during checkout to other currencies.

Private Email

Use mailsac.com or any domain that you own.*

Continually swap them for different addresses.

Includes forwarding and POP3.

Developer API, web socket email, and webhooks.

Comes with 10 outbound sends per address.

Yearly Prices

5 addresses for $5.97
10 addresses for $10.97
100 addresses for $34.97

Setup Now

Custom Private Domain

Unlimited disposable inboxes on a private domain.

Choose a subdomain of msdc.co with zero DNS configuration.

Use your own domain by adding a few DNS entries.

No inbound message throttling.

Optional Catch-All inbox.

$7 monthly
$75 yearly

Setup Now

Message Storage

Increase retained messages for your private email addresses and starred messages. Read about message storage.

10,000 messages, $9.97 monthly

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10,000 messages, $99 yearly

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50,000 messages, $21.97 monthly

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50,000 messages, $250 yearly

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Outgoing Messages

Send and reply using the Mailsac website.

Send using SMTP (in your mail app).

Send via REST API (developers).

500 messages, $3.97

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1,000 messages, $6.97

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10,000 messages, $20.97

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Addon API Calls

For API developers hitting their limit, increase the number of API calls allowed per month.

50,000 API calls, $5 monthly

Custom plans

* Public disposable addresses are free when hosted with Mailsac.

Private inboxes have disposable mail when exceeding the account's Message Storage limits.