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Never Expires

Extend with Addons

Unlimited Website Email Access

 Addon Private Email Addresses

50 Message Storage

Basic API Access

Starred Messages

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The Indie



 $120 yearly is 17% off

1 Unthrottled Custom Domain or Zero-Setup Subdomain

10 Private Email Addresses

1,000 Message Storage2GB Max


50,000 API calls per month, soft limit


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The Business



 $635 yearly is 10% off

5 Unthrottled Custom Domain or Zero-Setup Subdomains

50 Private Email Addresses

5,000 Message Storage10GB Max

Multiple Named API Keys

Unlimited API calls

Entire Domain Web Sockets

Analytics - In/Out/API

Unlimited Private SMTP Sending

Delete All Messages By Domain

IP Whitelisting

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BasicThe IndieThe Business
Priority Email SupportNo1YesYes
Unlimited Website Email Checking
View any public or private mail from a web browser.
Private AddressesAddon1050
API Calls Per Month
Soft Limit
Unthrottled Custom Domains / Zero-Setup Subdomains
Send emails to a custom domain instead of @mailsac.com without throttling.
API Keys
Easily do anything with email. Generate a simple API key for programmatic API access.
Named API KeysNoNoYes
Receive Email via Webhook
Mailsac can post email back to your server after it is received.
Receive Email via Web Socket
Receive email over a persistent web socket connection to Mailsac. A useful feature for testing email delivery.
Unlimited Sending to Custom Domain/Subdomains
When you use Mailsac to send email to your custom Mailsac domain, it is free.
Instantly delete all mail on a custom domain or subdomain, which is useful for testing.
Advanced Analytics
Aggregated metrics for your domains, messages, and API usage. Know how many messages were received.
Message Storage
Longterm message storage. Prevent messages on your private addresses and domains from being recycled.
501,0002GB Max5,00010GB Max
SMTP Passwords
Every private address can have its own unique password.2
1. Email support is available with recurring subscription.
2. Private addresses are purchased separately.
3. Under rare extreme system load, we may resort to throttling. We may also notify you of high usage.

Want a dedicated instance? Custom plan? Contact us.

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Mailsac is a more flexible approach to email.

Email addresses are cheap and easily routable. You pay for extras like storage or sending.


Private Email Addresses

Forward routing and POP3.

Swap for different addresses.

Comes with 10 outbound sends per address.

Easily route and forward email addresses.

20 addresses
200 outbound bonus
250 addresses
2,500 outbound bonus

Private Custom Domain or Zero-Setup Subdomain

Unlimited disposable inboxes on a private domain

No throttling

Optional Catch-All inbox

Choose a subdomain of msdc.co for zero setup, or add a few DNS entries to use your own domain.

1 domain$7$75Setup

Message Storage

Increase retained messages for your private addresses, domains, and starred messages. Read about message storage.

5,000 messages10GB storage max$10
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50,000 messages100GB storage max$25
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Sign in to Purchase

Outgoing Messages

send / reply emails using the Mailsac website

send using SMTP (in your mail app)

send via REST API (developers)

1,000 messages, one-time $6Sign in to Purchase
10,000 messages, one-time $20Sign in to Purchase

The Fine Print
Major credit cards are accepted. Payments are processed by Stripe and we never see your credit card details. By purchasing, you agree to all terms, acceptable use, and privacy statements. All prices USD, converted during checkout to other currencies.