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Pricing - Business and Developer

Mailsac is free to try. To use the Mailsac in a business (like QA testing or software development), you must purchase a commercial license.

For questions about integrating your systems, email support@team.mailsac.com

The Fine Print
Major credit cards are accepted. Payments are processed by Stripe and we never see your credit card details. By purchasing, you agree to all terms, acceptable use, and privacy statements. All prices USD, converted during checkout to other currencies.

Mailsac Pro Independent Plan


Easily do anything with email. Generate a simple API key for programmatic API access.

Unthrottled Emails

Huge throughput on emails to your custom domain. Contact support to unblock your sender IPs.

Lots of API Calls

Soft limit of 50k monthly API requests. Contact support to add more.

Priority Email Support

Get your questions answered by a knowledgeable team member. From setup to integration, we want to help.

Cancel Anytime

$7 per month

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$75 per year

11% off when paid yearly
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Business Plan

Multiple API Keys

Add multiple API keys, named, and track their usage.

Huge API Limits

Soft limits at 1 million monthly API calls or more.
Build, test, and scrape as much as you want.

Virtually Unthrottled

Experience the speed of unthrottled API requests.*

* under extreme system load, we might need to throttle everybody.

Bundled Plans

We are happy to add many features into a single plan. (Storage, Custom Domains, Outbound)

Extra Features

Entire domain web sockets, extra analytics, Delete-all-by-Domain, and more.

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