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emails with confidence

Immediately test your application’s email delivery with our disposable email services. Designed to empower QA and Software teams with integrations throughout the testing process.

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What we offer

Streamline your email testing with mailsac

Empower your QA and software teams with Mailsac, trusted by thousands of teams for their disposable email needs.

Streamline your integrations with any continuous integration system using our REST APIs.

Create subdomains in seconds, thanks to our Zero Setup Subdomain service.

Prevent unintended emails to customers using our Email Capture service.

Full Unified Inbox View

Keep your team on the same page

Get a complete view of your application workflow with multiple inboxes, recipients, and filters in a single view for you and your team.

Developer friendly

Full featured APIs

Integrate with your favorite CI/CD tooling or REST testing tools like Postman. Automate the email testing portions with our full featured APIs.

Control Testing chaos

Organize your testing with different accounts

Stop the mail sprawl across static email addresses. Create spontaneous inboxes based on whatever criteria you see fit: environment, role, or scenario.

You can even create an inbox on each test case.

Subdomains in seconds

Organize your email testing with subdomains

Separate applications within their own domain with our zero-setup subdomain feature. Categorize workflows, email testing phases or different testing teams with our ability to quickly generate and assign email subdomains.

BYOD - You can also bring your own domain!

How we help

Building software is difficult enough. Email testing shouldn't have to be.

Let us take care of the hassles of building inboxes, setting up servers and ensuring email doesn't get sent to live users.

SSO / SAML Integration

Integrate Single Sign On with SAML using any standard integration provider like Microsoft Azure.

Ad-Hoc Inbox Creation

No need to create any of your inboxes ahead of time.

Hassle Free Subdomains

Create subdomains in seconds to organize your testing workflows.

Full Featured API

Fetch body links, list messages, download attachments and more with our fully documented API.

Used by Enterprises

We fully support Enterprises via many enterprise only features like multiple accounts, dedicated support and enterprise billing capabilities.

Secure by Design

We take mail security seriously and take every precaution regarding inbox security, access and privacy.

Contact to discuss your security and compliance requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

mailsac helps and QA teams wrangle their test inboxes seamlessly.

SSO is supported (users must be added to mailsac first).

You can share email test logins, access the same custom domains, manage team API keys, manage sub-accounts, and delegate management of certain tasks.

Email messages are private to your account when using a custom domain or custom private forwarding address.

Sending to any address works, but it’s public and subject to throttling. 

You can send immediately to any address or @ your custom domain. No need to create the inbox first.

The API supports checking mail for any address, and will return 200 with an empty array if no mail exists there.

To access custom forwarding features (to web socket, webhook, slack, etc), you must  “reserve” that address first. This is called a custom private forwarding address.

Companies large and small rely on mailsac to test email workflows as part of their continuous integration pipeline.

We support teams with high uptime requirements, who have integration email tests running 24/7.

mailsac uses standard open protocols like REST, Web Sockets, and Webhooks to allow you to integrate testing pipelines with any system – Jenkins, GitHub Actions, Selenium, GitLab CI, Bamboo, etc – any is supported, as long as it can access

We have many customers in finance, government, scientific research, and the high tech industries.

In these environments we can provide a copy of our Information Assurance Program, security scanning results, and help you complete a Vendor Risk Assessment (VRA). Note: only supported for our Enterprise plan tier.

We value our relationships with customer of all sizes. About half of mailsac’s customers are enterprise scale. We interact with enterprises on a daily basis.

Purchase order billing is supported on the enterprise plan only.

We recommend a 2-year billing cycle.

Single-sign-on is supported via SAML on the business and enterprise plans. Users need to be added in mailsac first, by email address.

There’s some typical SAML configuration necessary in your SSO provider, and in mailsac – you have to swap config. We will support you via email (business plans) and on a screenshare (enterprise plans) if you require assistance.

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From code to inbox, ensure flawless communication with pricing that fits your budget.

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With a decade-long legacy, we've honed our skills to offer unparalleled email testing and speed. Run by the founders, we ensure your success in every release.

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