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Disposable Email

and API

Email without signing up

Make up any email address @mailsac.com and you can instantly receive mail. No need to create the email first!

Everything is public, unless you create an account.

About Mailsac

Disposable testing email inbox service

Nearly all mail is accepted

Messages are regularly recycled

Trusted by governments and Fortune 500 companies

Simple developer API

Enterprise-ready security

APIs and Email QA Testing

Built for developers and QA teams

REST API, webhooks, Slack support, web sockets, and of course SMTP/POP3

Used by large enterprises for automated quality assurance testing

Host the QA team's disposable email on Mailsac

Point the domain's MX records (eg staging.mycompany.com) to Mailsac:

PriorityHostPoints to

More about free email

Fight back against tracking

It's cheap and easy to setup a unique email address per online service.

Route all your Mailsac addresses to a single one that you check.