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What is  mailsac?

✓ Disposable email - inboxes are created when mail arrives, and messages are regularly recycled up to your storage limit

✓ Receive email at disposable email addresses - without creating the inbox first

✓ Instantly host and check disposable email for your existing domain for free, or use one of our subdomains

✓ Quickly access your recent inboxes

✓ Save messages from being recycled

✓ Receive private email and check it over POP3

✓ Use a different email address per service, and route them all to your main email

✓ Host private email for your domain, or get an instant private subdomain

✓ POP3 and SMTP access for private email addresses

✓ API keys for all accounts (even free, with limits)

✓ Test email delivery problems

✓ API platform for developers and QA engineers, receive email over web socket, REST API, or webhook callback